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Autogenic training

The relaxation procedure, called autogenic training is one of the most well-established and researched relaxation methods from medical point of view. The AT strengthens the body’s self-healing processes. During training we use our own activity, take energy out of our internal resources as the method’s name indicates – autogenic (self-operating) way.

The essence of autogenic training (AT) is to create psychic and physical-psychological relaxation through regularly and repetitively done practices – inward concentration and self-centered, passive focus. In this relaxed state our mind can influence our body’s self-regulating systems which control circulation, heart rhythm and respiration. AT helps to ease down stress by teaching our nervous system to relax. This method is based on „passive concentration”, so it tries to achieve our goals not through active work, it does not want us to make a change by force, we just let feelings happen. These experiences can help us to realise and identify our „stumbling blocks”. This way we can make a change in our lives and create a more optimal internal balance.

Here, we combine this method with individual case management, thus AT is an extra help in processing and managing a particular problem. The most important phase is that during these definite number of sessions, the consultant will teach you the technique that will be yours and you will be able to use if anytime and anywhere you’d like. The method is not complicated and time-consuming, but a lifelong help to cope with everyday problems and stress.


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