Tiszta Jövőért

Közhasznú Alapítvány


Tax 1%

Dear Friend, Colleague!

If you also think it is important to prevent youths from drug use, you can support the Tiszta Jövőért Közhasznú Alapítvány with the 1% of your personal income tax!

The Foundation, which has been operating since 1999, is politically independent, transparently working organization with the aim of promoting the health of young people, preventing and reducing drug use, broadening their knowledge; child- and youth protection and promoting equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups. Regarding our programs prevention trainings, contemporary training programs and harm-reduction represent a significant part.

In 2007 we launched a Low-threshold Service for Young People (F.A.K.Sz. Klub) In Zugló where they are given space to spend their time in a sensible manner. In addition, our experts  help them solve their life-management and drug related problems through community programs and individual case management free of charge and anonymously.

We look forward to assisting your public benefit by reducing your tax base or by offering 1% of your personal income tax!


You can do so by making a statement through NAV as follows:

You should fill out the EGYSZA form and enclose it with your tax declaration. You can also send this declaration form to the tax authorities independently in electronic of paper form.


Our tax number: 18096514-1-42.

This declaration is only valid, if:

  1. You place it in a standard size envelope,
  2. On the envelope you write down your name, address and tax ID,
  3. Sign your name across the closure surface,
  4. Attach the sealed envelope to your tax declaration,
  5. And on the first page of your tax declaration you should write number 1 in the corresponding box, if you only attach a declaration regarding the Tiszta Jövőért Közhasznú Alapítvány, or write number 2, if you make a pledge to a church as well.

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