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Individual case management

Individual case management is a tete-á-tete talk, a short-term (5-15 occasions by mutual agreement), present focused, personalized consultation. With the professional assistant you can think through and evaluate your problems and situtation. It assesses what skills, strengths, and what areas of development are in the individual`s life, this way you can set up goals for the future. In this relationship the social assistant/psychologist/addictologist consultant does not give you direct instructions what to do or how to do, but escorts along the way, support you, and offers new perspectives and solutions. Helps you to get out of your current position, to evaluate it more realistically and to find the solution that best suits your situation and yourself. So you have the opportunity to work on youself and also have a supportive partner.


Individual consultation is effective in dealing with addiction problems and life management difficulties too.

During addiction consultation we deal with problems related to substance use. In this supportive relation, which is adjusted to your personal demands, needs, drug use, the focus will be to change the problematic behaviour.

Life-counseling is designed to better understand your difficulties related to school, work, relationship, family, health, law, your fears and dilemmas. Together we can find the key problems that hinder you to achieve your goals. This way we can find the next step that seems to be the best or the most appropriate support for you.

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