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From the fall of 2016 a new service is available at our Foundation: preventive-informative service in individual or group form. You can make an appointment in person through our given contacts.


What is diversion?


In Hungary, all drug-related offenses are criminal offenses. According to the combined 42/2008. (XI.14.) EÜM-SZMM edict the drug user can be refered to three different types of diversion services (drug addiction treatment, other treatment for drug use or preventive-informative service) based on a helth check by a forensic medical expert or the healthcare provider’s psychiatrist, addictologist or clinical psychiatrist. The person entitled to diversion can choose from a list of institutions a place to go according to his classification.

If you are caught in the act with a small amount, only consumer type of drog use, you have two options. One is the prosecution, if you do not want to use the possiblity of diversion and the other is the use of the preventive-informative service we can offer. Diversion is therefore an alternative to prosecution, which is offered by the authority (police, court, prosecutor’s office). Diversion is a 6-month, individual or group consultation conducted by qualified assistants. After fixing an appointment the joint work begins with a contract, which requires continuous and regular appearance so that the procedure can be completed within half a year.  The continuity of diversion requires that between two consultations no more than 30 days can elapse. If this continuity is interrupted, the diversion has to start from the beginning. The certificate issued at the end of diversion must be presented to the authority, so the criminal procedure can be officially closed.


You can apply for diversion at the given contacts or even in person at opening hours!

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