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2017. október 12.


Nagy Angéla, yoga teacher of these lessons, introduced the participants to a joyful relaxation. They could try poses of hatha yoga to dissolve their stress.

2017. október 12.


Those who took part of these lessons, met a very vivacious and energetic dance style and experienced the Brazil feeling with the assistance of Professora Estrelinha, founder of SAMBA FEVER.

2017. október 12.

Hip-hop dance

This program made many youngsters´ afternoon a fun day and meanwhile they could learn some cool motions. Fekete Zsolt, teacher of Black Top dance school, made sure to present hish-standard lessons. We thank him for taking part on this program.

2017. október 12.


This program had four events and its participants could meet the tools of outdoor kilter parks to learn how to train themselves efficiently with simple machines and their own weigh.

2017. október 12.

Fújd össze legálba`

Our ´Graffiti club´ program helps children to show and emerge their creative, productive sides. They painted the walls of Petrik Lajos Secondary School with professional help.

2017. október 12.

Peer Training

The main goal of this training is to prepare youngsters for the role of a peer helper. They´ll be able to reach their friends who are threatened by substance using and then be their helper, their peer.

2017. október 12.

Tiszta Team PartyService

The Party Service is a harm reducing service in clubs and concerts. Its purpose is to help youngster to party in a safer and more conscious way.

2017. október 10.

O.Z.O.R.A. fesztivál

The INDIT Foundation´s Bulisegély Service made it possible for some members of our group to share experiences at the O.Z.O.R.A. Festival.

2017. október 10.


We had a lot of fun and exciting days at the Sziget festival, many of you guys came to visit us and tried our board game and quiz during the 3 days we spent there. Not just our board game’s players but also we did survived the night :)

2017. október 05.

The Foundation

The Tiszta Jövőért Közhasznú Alapítvány was founded in 1999 and has been operating in Zugló under the present address since 2006.

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