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Tiszta Team Party Service

The Party Service is a harm reduction service in night clubs and concerts. Its purpose is to make partying more conscious and safe. The Tiszta Team Party Service is operated by our foundation, and we work at events of the Dürer Kert club. Besides we go to festivals and other events with the Party Service as well.

During our activity we mostly reduce the harms caused by legal and illegal drugs to prevent unwanted casualties. Our point is to make the conditions of safer partying and dancing. Harm reducing stuffs are free of charge, and we are also able to give advices and handle smaller injuries, psychical crises. By cooperating with the stuff of the club, we would bring a more peaceful and safety atmosphere.


In our Party Service group, there are also volunteers working with our full-time colleges. Their activities are:

  •    To supply people with information and stuffs that reduce harms caused by substances. For example water with vitamins, condom, glucose, salty sticks, earplugs.
  •    To inform them with the risks of drug use, and how the substances harm their health and psychosocial behavior.
  •    To prevent accidents and to give first aid in case of overdose. If it’s necessary, they call the ambulance and other help.
  •    To scatter information about safe sex and the dangers of drug use.
  •    To give advices about life planning and how to handle smaller psychical “crises” in case of need.
  •    To inform them about addiction services.
  •    To redirect the addicts to other services of our foundation, or if it’s necessary, to other consulting rooms.
  •    To give information about the opportunity of voluntary work.


We are continually searching for new members to our Party Service group. If you wanted to try how it feels to work as a volunteer in a crawling club, please write us an e-mail to tisztajovoert@gmail.com.

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