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Prevention trainings

„Safer partying” prevention training


The training is arranged out of school time, basically for 10-11-12 grades high school students. It involves an interactive teamwork that takes approximately a whole school day. According to its topics, the training is recommended for those youngsters who presumably – based on their age – have consumed some kind of psychoactive substances. These substances can be both legal and illegal (like tobacco, alcohol, sleeping pills, sedatives, painkillers or even weed). The team leaders use the methods of teamwork to inspire members for interactivity and to make their own opinions. Besides sharing knowledge it is also important to share our own experiences, and to alter the programs and dynamics according to the students’ needs, interests and questions. We are trying to make a training that gives practical and professional knowledge to youngsters by showing short movies, playing with topic processing cards and interactive discussions. We believe these can transfer a little their view and help them to make better and more conscious choices in different situations, to have a more responsible view on substance using. Through their new knowledge, they will be able to find suitable solutions for themselves or their friends to reduce the possible risks.

Our goal is to clear definitions, to show the way from the first trying to addiction looks like, to share a basic knowledge about drug laws, to give a review about the provider system and consulting rooms. We also share practical information about harm reduction and safer partying.

The training’s parameters:

-        one event
-        duration: 5 hours
-        2 team leaders
-        the group is up to 16 members
-        without the presence of pedagogues

We organize the trainings according to previous agreements. Applying is continual, the timetable follows the order of applying and depends on the capacity of the Foundation.

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