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Gondi János, president

janosI have an addiction consultant, a high school teacher and a marketing-communication economist qualification, I have worked in high school and marketing/PR area too. I run the Tiszta Jövőért Közhasznú Alapítvány from 1999, the year of foundation, where I deal with bringing on and managing prevention/health-development programs, addiction consultation, developing training programs and completing traner/team-leader tasks. Besides cooperation, the qualitative sharing of our experiences and knowledge is a very important thing, most of which I had a good opportunity to practice at MADÁSZSZ.

I like cycling, community games, but it also fills me when I just get away from „the world`s noise” to my hometown, to a beautiful place or even to a meditation course.


Nyíri Noémi, professional manager


From about 2004 I have been working in the field of addictology. I am a social pedagogue and an addiction consultant and also an AT trainer. I started as a social worker, I worked at needle exchange programs and drug ambulance too, and continued my career as a school social worker and KEF coordinator. I have sat in „coordinator chair” organising programs and work, and picked up needles in streets and taken houses. I am interested in all levels of addiction (primarily drug). For me, the encounter between man and narcotics is an infinitely interesting, mysterious and varied intersection of life. I have an interest in everything in connection with consciousness modifiers and their impact on human brain, behaviour and personality. The history and the consequences, the possibilities of helping, the individual paths and way outs are also interesting for me.

I believe in the usefulness and justification of my profession.


Szemán Gabriella, social assistant

gabiAccording to my degree in healthcare, I was working in a lab, later in business, then my interest turned toward psychology and social work. In 2017, I graduate from Department of Clinical and Health Psychology at SZTE. I became acquainted with the field of addiction as a volunteer, I have worked in needle exchange programs and drug ambulance. I work as a social assistant at the Foundation, which includes individual case management and social recreational programs.

For me, recovery is inspiration for life, work, love in a community that we can contribute to.


 Hajdu Anna, social assistant

annaI have been working at the Foundation since 2017 as a social assistant, but as a volunteer I contribute to the work here since September 2016. Regarding my studies, I’m a master psychologist student at Pázmány Péter Catholic University on developmental and clinical child psychology specialty, and I’ve been a children psychodramatist since 2018.

As a beginner, everything is kind of new for me: I can always broaden my knowledge about addiction theoretically and practically as well, and learn something new through group trainings and organization. For me, individual differences are the most exciting, to get to know every single walk of life, to figure out how different we are, and that everybody needs a different way of help.


Borbély Veronika, social assistant


I got my mental-health professional diploma at Károli Gáspár Reformed Church University in 2010. I worked for the Psychosocial Service of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service for years back in times. I regularly run group therapy using fairytales and grief processing groups for children. I am one of the initiators of the so-called Passing through, sharing and healing grief processing group therapy, where we provide support for half-orphens and their widow parents. Regarding my methodological trainings I’m mostly specialized in using fairytales, but my consultant work and work approach are based on person-centered and system-based approach, besides them I do like and use fairytales and visual expression.

I have been working at the Foundation since October, 2017 as a social worker.


Bárdosi Réka, child- and adolesent psychiatrist

rekaI graduated from the University of Medicine in Pécs in 2010 and then started working at the Ellwangen Childrens and Youth Psychiatric Clinic in Germany. From 2012 I continued my work at the Pediatric Psychiatric Clinic of the University of Münster and in 2014 I started my vocational training at the Pediatric Clinic of Pécs. During this time, I also completed basic family therapy training. In 2016 I passed a qualification in child- and adolesent psychiatry and started psychotherapist training at Semmelweis University.

I started working in the field of child- and adolesent addictology in 2017. Currently, I am working in a team of experienced colleagues from various professions, and we are trying to help young people with different types of addiction, problematic drug use or just those who need prevention.


Németh Lóránd, clinical psychologist

 lorandI graduated as a psychologist from the University of Oradea in 2001, then as a clinical psychologist in 2009 in Debrecen.

Along with the acquisition of professionalism, unconventional psychotherapies have always attracted me, so I have conducted numerous additional studies. In addition to my humanistic approach, I participated in Gestalt, Simonton, Hypnosis and NLP trainings. Combining techniques will help me to apply these methods in my work. They helped me to understand the complexity and complicated structure of the human soul.

I have been working with adult and youth addicts since 2002, both in clinical field and special care.

I have been working at the Foundation since 2018.


 Takács Attila, office manager


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